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TE.208 - Electric Tow Tractor

The TE.208 baggage/tow tractor is a battery powered four wheel towing vehicle and has been utilized in many sectors of industry including airline, automotive, railway, and hospitals.

The vehicle power provides a superior alternative to a full-size baggage tractor for those operations that don't require one.  The unit is a compact highly maneuverable vehicle, which allows easy access to the operators compartment with good front and rear visibility. A low center of gravity provides excellent stability.   There are currently over 1,000 of these units operating in the field today. 

The unit is capable of a top running speed of 9 mph (14.4 km/h) when empty with a drawbar pull of over 1100 lbs. (499 kg). The operators compartment contains all the controls and indicators necessary to drive the unit including foot operated accelerator pedal, directional lever, keyless power switch, light switch, and horn switch. The battery connector is located for convenient power disconnects. 

For more detailed specifications, please view the product brochure.

  • Robust chassis design
  • Hydraulic braking system with regen braking
  • Hydraulic power steering available
  • Very low center of gravity
  • Motor directly coupled to rear axle eliminating drive line
  • Excellent steering radius allowing a complete turn within 96 inches (243.8 cm)
  • Adjustable over-center park brake lever

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