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T137-V3 - Electric Baggage Tractor

The Charlatte Model T137-V3 Electric Baggage Tractor is our newest design of our best selling T137 line of tractors.  The vehicle has several design improvements to increase reliability and performance as well as   Well designed for towing baggage, freight, mail, carts/cargo dollies, and pallet dollies.  The unit features our own proven design rugged front and rear axles and the latest in AC controller technology.

The standard unit is capable of a top running speed of 18 mph (29 km/h) when empty and has a drawbar pull of 4,000 lbs (1814 kg).  A special heavy-duty version is also available with extra rear ballast and a high torque motor/axle combination to provide up to 4,500 lbs drawbar pull.  Power for the main drive is supplied by a high efficiency low maintenance AC motor that is directly coupled to the rear axle. Power steering is provided with a hydraulic accumulator, which provides quieter and smoother operation.

For more detailed specifications, please view the product brochure.

  • Trusted design with improvements
  • New all-steel dash for more durable operator environment
  • More powerful hydraulic braking with four wheel disc brakes
  • New front axle design improves ground clearance
  • New larger front brake calipers
  • Power steering by hydraulic accumulator provides quiet operation
  • Motor directly coupled to rear axle eliminates drive line

Product Data Sheet