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CT5E - Cargo Tractor

The new model CT5E cargo tractor is a self propelled battery powered electric support vehicle specially designed for cargo operations.

The rear seating configuration provides easier access to the hitch.  Power for the main drive is supplied by a 30 hp (22 kw) hi-torque AC motor which is coupled directly to the rear axle.  The unit has excellent visibility and has a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) when empty.  Drawbar capacity is 5000 lb (2267 kg).

For more detailed specifications, please view the product brochure.

  • Rugged chassis designed for cargo operations
  • Highly Maneuverable - 125" Turning Radius
  • Hydraulic braking system with regen braking
  • Hydraulic power steering with accumulator provides quiet operation
  • Hi-Torque Low Maintenance AC Drive Motor

Product Data Sheet