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New GSE Chassis

October 21st, 2011

Charlatte is excited to introduce our newest product development, the GC-20 heavy-duty modular chassis.

We've developed the GC-20 in conjunction with one of our largest customers to be a GSE-grade replacement for the commercial truck chassis that most are using at this time.   Although the commercial truck chassis has served a useful role, their sheet metal and plastic construction is a bit light for the demands of the airport ramp.

So we have engineered a replacement 20,000 GVWR chassis that can be modified and used in a wide variety of applications including lavatory service truck, passenger stairs, hi-lift cleaning van, hi-lift maintenance platform, or deicing truck.  This vehicle also features a LEV gasoline engine to comply with the toughest emission standards such as those found in California.  For more information on this new chassis, visit the product page here or contact us to learn more.